Augmented Reality Marketing
2018 has come and gone, but not without leaving an indelible mark. If you thought in 2017 that tech-based marketing would be on its way to hitting a plateau, 2018 showed that nothing could be further from the truth. Brands are still managing to find new and creative ways to ignite social media conversation, on-site conversions and in-store sales. If you’re a marketer with a serious goal to attract a following in 2019, you can
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Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing
Due to the advent of smart technology, it seems the world has changed overnight. According to a Pew Research Center study, 95% of Americans today own a cellphone with 77% of those being a smartphone. These numbers continue to climb. And that’s just the United States. Imagine the billions of cellphone users globally who have access to the vast amounts of information available on the internet at any given time.   Marketing Evolves with Technology
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Augmented reality trends 2019
There’s a special sauce in the tech industry that today’s entrepreneurs can’t seem to get enough of – augmented reality. The revolutionary digital innovation has taken the world by storm since the introduction of Pokémon Go – the viral mobile game that, in 2016, prompted imaginative gamers to come out of their caves to catch virtual creatures. Augmented reality has continued to evolve into an unprecedented commercial tool that has caught the interest of businesses
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Difference Between AR and VR
While the real world can be amazing in its own right, some people want more; to be heroes or vigilantes, to save the princess or rule a kingdom. They seek an adventure in a completely virtual reality, where one can slay demons, cast spells, and craft entire worlds (from our own imaginations, or by recreating some of our favourites). Others want to add adventure to the real world so they bridge the real and virtual
Augmented Reality
Sherpa AR Project React
Augmented Reality (AR) technology provides the opportunity to create unexpected new interactions with a traditional printed piece. Recently, Sherpa AR teamed up with McMaster Engineering and McMaster Engineering Students’ Society to create an AR experience for new students.   THE CHALLENGE McMaster Engineering wanted to send out a “Welcome Kit” to new students of the faculty that was engaging, memorable, and interactive, to excite students about the upcoming year, and make them aware of various
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